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Griffiths & Partners join forces with Turks and Caicos Diabetic Association

On World Diabetes Day, 14th November 2022, members of the Turks and Caicos Diabetic Association met with leading local law firm Griffiths & Partners (G&P) to launch an exciting and collaborative two-year partnership.

G&P has committed to providing the Diabetic Association with funding and support for ongoing programs, aiming to make a significant difference to educational and patient care support workers in TCI. Together, they will host several fundraising events to meet a two-year target of $50,000.

Nurse Elaine Clare, President of the Diabetic Association said:
“Griffiths & Partners are known locally for their commitment to doing the right thing by their clients, and their partnership with us is testament to that integrity. We can’t wait to get started on our fund-raising efforts and are hugely grateful to David Stewartand his team for uniting with us to help us reach our fundraising goals.”

David Stewart, Partner with G&P, and Managing Director of Coriats Trust Company said:
“The team at Griffiths and Partners recognise the incredible work that the Diabetic Association puts into raising awareness and supporting diabetes. We’re honoured to have the opportunity to work together to raise much-needed funds for their important work in our community and are looking forward to planning some fantastic events very soon.”

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